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Thursday, September 24, 2009


WILD TIME is an animal welfare/world conservation show that broadcasts globally but mainly records in Ireland.

I am looking for reporters, journalists or activists in ALL Englishspeaking countries to become guest reporters and record audio footage and take pics for WILD TIME, so that WILD TIME can grow and that more and more people become aware of animal rights and so on.

WILD TIME UK, WILD TIME SA, WILD TIME USA - that would just sound lovely.

To familiarize yourself with the format pls visit www.wildtimeon96fm.blogspot.com and www.wildtimeradio.blogspot.com

I am not looking for a full show just whatever goes on in your neck of the wood would be brilliant to have as audio files that could be embedded in the show.

I am doing this volunteerly and do not get paid for my work nor would I be able to pay you. Payment is when people listen and understand!!

We're also on FACEBOOK

Pls get in touch, thanks so much THOMAS


WILD TIME will cover this years' PET EXPO, which is on at the RDS from October 9th - 11th 2009


Listen back to the last four shows:

01. Interview with "The End Of The Line" Producer Claire Lewis

02. Portobello Canal Protection Group Cleaning up day

03. Festival of World Cultures 2009

04. ARAN anti hare coursing protest

Enjoy the footage and spread the word!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

"End Of The Line" Screening @ IFI, Dublin

Listen to the footage recorded during the event listed below HERE

Multi-award-winning documentary "The End Of The Line" @ the Irish Film Institute

WILD TIME host Thomas Janak talked to "The End Of The Line" producer Claire Lewis

Shortly before the screening of "The End Of The Line" @ Dublin's IFI on September 21st 2009

Brilliant feedback for Tracey

After publishing the interview with Tracey O'Neill from the Portobello Canal Protection group, plenty of nice words from near and far are coming in on her facebook page.

Here is just one such example:

I listened to your radio footage Tracey, well done! You came across really well, very natural. A good cause too Carol Clifford

Tracey herself had got to say the following about WILD TIME:

"I luv Wild Time its given me a voice for Portobello Canal Protection but not only that so many different things issues of concern in dublin animals the list is endless and its not boring or stuffy ,i am one of your biggest fans Thomas
Wild Time Rocks Mannnnnnnnn!!!!"

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Listen to the footage from the event listed below HERE

Since many swans and other water birds in and around the canals in Dublin have been injured or killed in the past due to litter that has been thrown into the canals and/or on the surrounding grounds, the Portobello Canal Protection Group asked its members to help cleaning up around the canal

Portobello Canal Protection Group founder Tracey O'Neill talking to WILD TIME host Thomas Janak

WILD TIME host Thomas Janak during the cleaning up afternoon

Nicole Valentin helping with cleaning up in and around the canal in Portobello/Dublin 16

Sunday, September 13, 2009

To come to WILD TIME

To come to WILD TIME:

01. Thomas will be talking to Tracey O'Neill, founding member of the "Portobello Canal Protection" group on September 19th

02. Thomas Janak will be talking to "The End Of The Line" producer Claire Lewis ...on September 21st 2009 when the film will be screened at the IFI in Dublin at 6.30p.m.

both events will then be published on Indymedai.ie soon - watch this space

Friday, September 4, 2009


... IS A MOVIE ABOUT THE IMPACT OF THE FISHING INDUSTRY ON OUR PLANET, ITS PEOPLE AND ANIMALS. The film will be screened at Dublin's IFI (Irish Film Institute) on Septembee 21st 2009. WILD TIME will be there to record some footage, including an interview with producer Claire Lewis.

Check the trailer HERE