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Monday, June 29, 2009


The next WILD TIME show will be on July 3rd with studio guest Niall Hatch from Birdwatch Ireland. Pls don't miss it!!

BUT there is much more going on this week. Tomorrow, June 30th 2009, Thomas Janak will be on Near90FM's dance music show "Club Cheol" between 4.30p.m. - 5.30p.m., where he will highlight his new CD "TJ-Painted Dreams". 20% of all proceeds will go to the animal sanctuary ASH.

Thomas "TJ" Janak will also perform in aid of ASH this coming Saturday at 9.30p.m. at Babylon Radio's live event at the "Peader Kearnsey" Pub on Dame Street, Dublin.

As you probably know by now, Thomas is not only a musician and radio DJ but also a fully qualified pet psychologist. As such, Thomas will give a FREE talk on July 1st2009 at 6p.m. at Crystal Wings, Aungier Street, Dublin 2. Please come along.

The talk is titled "Animal Communication on a spirutaul and physical level". All his animal related work can be checked out HERE

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