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Monday, October 5, 2009


Since WILD TIME is not broadcasting on WDAR anymore, we feel it is just right to move to a new blog for "wildtime online"

To come to WILD TIME


More answers are coming in!

Regarding the WILD TIME footage recorded at a weight pulling event hosted by the Sled Dog Federation of Ireland at the Equine Centre in Coole on October 4th, we've asked you to give us your opinion with regards to this question:

Should dogs be pulling weights in competitions?

Here are a few more answers as published by WILD TIME RADIO fans on the discussion board on our FACEBOOK page

Absolutely not! It is cruel and unethical! - Nara Ireland

I don't think that dogs should be pulling weights in competitions...I saw that the other day...the pits pulling all those bricks to their owners pleasure. I feel it is not what they were meant to do, if people want to pull weights than do so...leave the dogs out if it! I think it is completely irresponsible and shows no regard for the safety of the dog, people do it for their pleasure, not the dogs...there are other ways for your dog to get exercise! – Robin Patricia Lyles

No - of course not. :/ - Salim Andreas Piro Khan

No way!Never! – Savina Veselinova

It will be interesting to see what people say. In clarification, the AR view is critical of all animal use, of course, although it is hardly likely to see dog sledding as its main issue, whereas an animal welfare view would be concerned about how the animals are treated ~while~ they are being used. – Roger Yates


Well done for exposing these rights violations, Thomas. One guy is quite open about his "use" of his animal property. - Roger Yates

... in response to the footage regarding the Sled Dog Federation of Ireland.

Tell us what you think? Should dogs be pulling weights in competitions? As a holistic animal healer my response would be a clear NO, since dogs weren't and aren't designed to pull weights, which will in time most likely take a toll on their system.

Only PLUS point that I could find doing the interview is that they highlight the fact that staffis and pitbulls and the likes are NOT what most people think they are.

Please respond HERE or on our facebook page: www.facebook.com/wildtimeradio

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Two new shows now uploaded

01. Ann Kingston and Louise Kings from the Irish Dog Journal on WILD TIME - listen HERE

02. WILD TIME host Thomas Janak talking to members of the Sled Dog Federation of Ireland - listen here


Not one but TWO new shows will be uploaded soon

WILD TIME spoke to Mandy Heynes (picture left) and other members of the Sled Dog Federation of Ireland today during a weight pulling event at the Equine Centre in Coole. Later on WILD TIME host Thomas Janak spoke to Ann Kingston and Louise Kings about their Irish Dog Journal!

Issue nr. 1 will be in the shops nationwide on December 1st 2009 - the Irish Dog Journal is back!!

The audio footage will be uploaded soon - watch this space

Thursday, October 1, 2009

WILD TIME has 250 fans on Facebook alone!

I recently turned down an offer to do a 90-minute show every week on health and lifestyle because I could only do so much with regards to highlighting the plight of our animal kin. WILD TIME deserves better! There are new shows soon to come and I'll keep pitching for a slot on a radio station!

Meanwhile we have cracked the 250 fans mark on Facebook! Pls spread the word!! We want more fans


WILD TIME host/producer